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6 November

[Video] Designing the Shoot & Share Brand Identity

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What goes into the design of a brand identity? I get this question a lot! Well, this morning my client Shoot & Share released a video featuring my design for their company. In 3 minutes, I take you through the big ideas that drove their redesign! Whether you are an established company or just about […]

1 November

Is Your Brand Sabotaging Your Business?

John was frustrated and confused… My friend John emailed me this week. He felt frustrated and confused about his photography business. He wrote “I know of another photographer who is less talented than I am, and somehow he charges twice my rates and books twice as many projects. Even with my low rates, my clients […]

14 October

Idlewild Books Brand Refresh

Long before the JFK airport stood in New York, there lived an iconic plot of trees called Idlewild. In fact, Idlewild was the original name of the airport until 1963 when it was renamed in honor of President Kennedy. While the golden age of travel has since passed, the Idlewild name is alive and well […]


  • Todd Kendall, Mudhook

    Seth has an extraordinary eye for design and cares as much about my brand as I do. When he delivered the Mudhook logo, my heart stopped. It was perfect and better than anything I could have hoped for.

    - Todd Kendall, Mudhook
  • Sean Naus, Abide

    I was immediately impressed by Seth’s expertise in branding and marketing strategy. Not only were we thrilled with Seth’s process, but the end product was perfect! Our objective was something that clearly communicated our values. Seth accomplished all of that and more. We couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend him to anyone in the future!

    - Sean Naus, Abide
  • James Wittmayer, Athletic Portfolios

    Working with Seth is incredible. Seth took the time to clearly understand my vision for Athletic Portfolios. He then took me through an exciting process of research, design, and execution. Throughout the entire project, Seth respected my ideas and ultimately created a brand I am proud to launch.

    - James Wittmayer, Athletic Portfolios
  • David Jay, Shoot & Share

    Seth has the incredible ability to deliver beautiful design backed up by rock-solid business strategy. We are extremely happy with the visual identity Seth designed for Shoot & Share.

    - David Jay, Shoot & Share
  • Cody Joens, Reality

    Rebranding can be a daunting task. We needed a sincere professional with a solid sense for the identity and direction we needed to accomplish. Choosing to go with Seth was definitely the right move for us and we are thrilled with final results.

    - Cody Joens, Reality
  • David Gilkey, Restoration Salon

    Seth Addison blew me away with the Restoration brand identity. We asked for something new, hip, and retro all at the same time. Not only did Seth deliver, but went above and beyond my expectations! I refer Seth Addison to everyone I know.

    - David Gilkey, Restoration Salon